I needed a second to really gather my thoughts but here we go. (sorry its going to be a long one) This last month on the road was probably the most amazing experience of my life. I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who made it out each night, Ive never felt some much love in a crowd night after night and without you guys it wouldn't be possible. GRiZ you're probably the hardest working producer I've ever met and can't thank enough for bringing me on tour. Michal Menert you've been there since day one and couldn't think of a better homie to travel the country with, loved that I got to listen to your music every night and thanks for keeping my stomach full. AC3PO sorry for possibly breaking your ribs and same as Michal you've always been there for me, love you guy. FyouNK clothing it was awesome meeting you guys and the tour honestly wouldn't have been the same without the funk brothers, keep killing it and hope to see you soon. Ian I'm sorry don't how to tag you but thanks for going out of your way to make sure my sets looked good, you were on point the whole tour and it was great meeting you. Thank you Ben for looking out for the little guy and making me feel at home for a month, until next time bud. Shout out to Grassroots California Super Best RecordsMEANt ClothingLive Edits LabThe FlooziesPaul Basic Anup, Sam, Kevin, Ponder, and a lot more that I know I'm forgetting for making this last month as memorable as it was. Basically what Im trying to say is Power In Numbers was fucking epic, love you all.

PS. Ive got some really big news coming soon for you Denver.

Photo cred: Live Edits Lab


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